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The meal voucher enables you to pay the exact amount quickly and comfortably

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You will always pay the exact amount

You do not need to worry about whether the partner place gives cash back against meal vouchers or about how many meal vouchers you are carrying at the moment.


The payment is fast and simple

Pay just the way you are used to with your bank card. No need to count your meal vouchers and add up their value.


You will not lose your meal vouchers

In case your card gets lost or stolen, you can block it yourself and request a new one from your employer. The meal credit remains on your account, to be used by your new card.


You get to set your own PIN

You can set and manage your own PIN. If you happen to forget your PIN, you can reset it in your account for FREE. No need to call anyone or go anywhere.


Only one card (full of meal vouchers)
in your wallet

Keep all your meal vouchers with you at all times.

What are the advantages of the card?

The advantages of the electronic meal voucher

Fast and simple payments

You will always pay the exact amount. No need to count your meal vouchers and add up their value - just pay the amount stated on the receipt. In order for the card to remain legislatively favourable, its daily transaction total is limited to CZK 500.

The card does not need to be activated in advance

The Gastro Pass CARD is activated automatically when it is first used for contact payment (i.e. inserted into a payment terminal).

You get to set your own PIN

Simply set your own PIN.
You also get to manage your PIN and reset it for free anytime you wish in your personal account at

You will not lose your meal vouchers

If your card gets lost or stolen, simply block the card and request a new one. You won’t lose your credit as it will be transferred to the new card.

Where and how to pay with the card

You will be provided with a list of selected partner places in your Sodexo personal account, from which you will be redirected to our search engine for partner places. You need to access the search engine for partner places through your Sodexo personal account, otherwise the Gastro Pass CARD will not be active in the search engine. Those selected partner places that accept the Sodexo meal voucher card are indicated by a Gastro Pass CARD sticker.

Making a Payment

Payments may be contact or contactless ones, made via payment terminals or using smartphones and tablets equipped with the Sodexo payment application. The payment can also be made at cash register systems with an NFC reader.

If there are not sufficient financial means available on the card, the payment can be made using the combination of the card and cash or your standard payment card (the payment is then made as any other payment using a common payment card).

Card Activation

To activate the card, you do not need to call anyone or login anywhere. The card is activated automatically when you first use it for payment.

The only condition is that the first payment has to be a CONTACT ONE, which means you need to insert the card into the payment terminal.
Making the first contact payment, you will be asked to set your own PIN.

Managing the card

A personal account has been created for every user, who will find all necessary information and tools to manage his/her card there. The account is available at and accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

What is the purpose of your personal account?

  • Overview of transactions
  • Checking your balance
  • Information on the expiry of your meal credit and your card
  • Blocking your card, submitting request for a new one
  • Managing your PIN
  • Searching for partner places accepting the card
  • Managing your personal data and password

Card balance, blocking the card

Whenever you wish to check your card balance or need to block your card, you can also call our Customer care line at 233 113 435

Contact my employer with an offer of the cards

Contact my employer and offer them the meal voucher card

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