Gastro Pass CARD

Bet it all on one tasty card

Sodexo electronic meal vouchers make providing
meal vouchers much easier

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You will save time and reduce your paperwork

All you have to do is order once and distribute the cards, afterwards you only need to top up the meal credit (the principle remains the same as for paper vouchers).


No need to store and deliver meal vouchers

No costs for the delivery of paper meal vouchers, for their safekeeping and distribution within your company.


Cards and meal credit are easy to order

The cards, meal credit and paper vouchers can all be ordered in a single step. You can have the cards delivered to the company address or to the employees' home addresses.


We provide user support services

No need to address employees' queries – Sodexo's user support provided via our web application and helpline will answer any queries your employees may have.

Why Sodexo electronic meal voucher?

Quick and smart ordering

Order the cards and meal credit in the same way as you order paper meal vouchers at

Everything in one place

In a single step, you can order: cards, meal credit and paper meal vouchers. Simply select the type of the product when ordering.

We will not keep you waiting

The funds are usually credited to the employee's card account within a few minutes from making the order, 24 hours maximum.

Selecting the delivery address

You can have the cards delivered to the company address or to the employees' home addresses.

Easy and comfortably use

The employee does not need to activate the card

Your employees do not need to call anyone or go anywhere to activate the new card. The card is activated automatically when it is first used to pay in a payment terminal.

We provide user support services

The employees can check their balance or block the card in their personal account, accessible from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, they can contact our Sodexo customer care line 24/7.

You do not need to address your employee's queries. Just have them contact our user support:

Sodexo personal account at
Sodexo customer care line: 233 113 435
Should the card get lost or stolen, the employees can block the card themselves and request a new one through their account. The credit will not get lost and will be transferred to the new card.

Comfortable card management

Comfortable online management

The order portal enables you to make and track orders as well as manage your card portfolio.

Have some extra cards at the ready

We wish to make it easier for you: Sodexo is the only company enabling you to order some extra cards. Keep them in your drawer, at the ready for new employees. Thus you won't need to wait for the new cards to be produced and you will save on postage on top!

Convenient expiry: once a year only

As the only company, Sodexo offers cards with a single expiry date. The expiry date will be appointed with respect to the date of your first order or at your convenience. Once again, you will save on postage, which is to be paid only once a year!

We will let you know when the expiry date is nearing

You do not need to think of anything, nor do you need to monitor when any of the cards or meal credit expire. You and your employees will always be notified about the expiry date. The meal credit has the same expiry as paper meal vouchers, i.e. it is valid for up to 16 months. When the card is used for payments, the oldest funds are debited first.

Safe solution, always under your control

All transactions are as safe-guarded as possible

We guarantee a high level of security of the Sodexo order system data as well as of the data stored on the card. The level of security is comparable to that of a bank card. To ensure the security of the card account funds, all transactions are authorized online and protected by a PIN.

All operations may be carried out only by the authorised person

Only the person appointed by the employer is entitled to order the cards and electronic meal credit, and only upon logging in to the order system, which gives you full control of your expenses.

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